Friday, December 21, 2012

Different Dimension (Part Three: Finale)

As promised for after lunch, here are the final two polishes in my review of Different Dimension polishes. I saved these for last because I had the most trouble capturing all the beauty these two posess, so I took more than the normal amount of photos of each one.


"Inner Goddess" is another polish inspired by the popular series "50 Shades of Gray."  
It is absolutely packed with iridescent color shifting glitters! 
I did a "skittles" mani, layering it by itself and over 4 different colors so you can see how versatile it is!

Below is one coat over each color.

Below, two coats alone on my thumb.

 Above, slightly blurred to show off the color shift!
Below, under a yellow lamp light. Surprisingly quite accurate coloring, for layering it over black (Index finger)

Of all the polishes, this was the trickiest to work with, but it was not difficult by any means. It was a bit thicker than the others is all. 


Finally, the last one.
"On Wednesday's We Wear Pink", another polish inspired by the movie "Mean Girls."
This has pink holo glitters, different shades of pink hexes, and iridescent/color shifting glitter in a pink jelly base!

For the photos below, two coats were used. You can also layer this over a pink base if you prefer!
Under bright lamp light:

 Indirect daylight/office lights:

Here you can really see some of the color shifting glitters!
 And another indirect light shot :)

This was another one that was slightly on the thicker side, I wonder if it is the color shifting glitters in these two that help make it that way? Either way, I am pleased as punch! This is another one I would like to own a big size of :)

Happy Painting, Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading!

Sara//Tomboy Nails

Different Dimension (Part Two)

After moving, broken nails, a massive photo loss, and holiday shopping.... I have finally been able to bring to you the remaining Different Dimension polishes I was sent to review! I have broken it up into two remaining posts, one coming before lunch and the other after lunch! I will let these beauties talk for themselves... because like always, Missi Barry, mastermind of these polishes, does not disappoint with her beautiful creations.


The first one today is "That's So Fetch", which was inspired by the movie "Mean Girls"
This was the only one of all she sent me that did not have a label on it, but Missi did confirm that it is That's So Fetch :)

As you can see, lovely shades of purple, blue, and iridescent glitters that change colors as the light hits! I layered two light coats over Essie's "Lilacism" and L'Oreal's "Butterfly Kisses" for the above photos.


Next, inspired by the popular book, Missi brings us "50 Shades"
I was pleased that it was darker shades of gray instead of silvers. I think this is a great glitter to go over almost any base color!

 I layered two light coats over China Glaze "Elephant Walk" and Sinful Colors "Mint Apple" for the above photos.


Then, comes a favorite of mine. "Space Camp" - packed full of silver holo glitter in all sizes. This is quite an eye-catcher!

Just look at how it sparkles! I layered two coats over L'Oreal's "The Muse's Attitude." I wanted a dark base so you could really see every little silver holo glitter POP! :)

To find these, and many more of her beautiful polishes, check out her Etsy shop!
Different Dimension Etsy

Until lunch!
Tomboy Nails//Sara

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dollish Polish: Legend of Zelda Duo!


It's been too long since my last post. I sincerely apologize for such a lapse! This morning instead of bringing you the rest of my Different Dimensions swatches, I am sharing with you the Legend of Zelda duo made by Dollish Polish. Originally this WAS going to be the other DD post, until I got to work, ready to knock it out, and realized.... those photos are saved on my home computer! I never dropboxed them to my work computer! EGAD! I will have that up for you tonight, or tomorrow. PINKY PROMISE!

So, if any of you know me, you understand my love and devotion to all things Nintendo. Specifically, Mario and Zelda. I had longed for this duo for many months.. always missing the restocks, and never finding it available for swap as a duo! One day, OverallBeauty   announced them in stock, just as I was leaving work for the day. I stayed 5 minutes late and mission accomplished! They were finally mine :)

Without further ado, I bring to you the Zelda duo layered over Zoya's Tracie.

First Photo: Hero of Time over Zoya's Tracie, in afternoon sunlight.
I did different layers of Hero of Time, to show how buildable it is. Index and Pinky are One Coat, Middle finger is Two Coats, and Ring finger is Three Coats.

Second Photo: Direct Sunlight, slightly over exposed, slightly blurred to show off the sparkle!

Another shot in afternoon sunlight.

 Better exposed, more true to color without the golden glow of afternoon sun.
I just love how pretty it looks over the light springy green! This is a beautiful green, brown, and gold polish. It was super easy to apply. In fact, my only problem was on the ring finger, I did not quite wait long enough before applying Seche Vite, the quick dry top coat, so I had *slight* shrinkage by the tip of my nail. Lesson learned! 

Next, Hylian Princess over Zoya's Tracie!
This is a beautiful glitter polish as well. Different sizes of white, purple, and gold glitters. I followed the same application as Hero of Time: Index and Pinky are One Coat, Middle is Two Coats, and Ring is Three Coats.

Photo taken in indirect sunlight.

A slightly blurred shot to show off some sparkle in the bottle.
This was another super easy polish to apply. There's no fishing for any bigger glitters, and removal of each was no more difficult than the average glitter!

With each of these polishes, I prefer the one coat or two coat look versus the almost full coverage of 3 coats. To each their own though! You can still find these polishes available from Overall Beauty at times, as well as Llarowe or even try Dollish Polish directly! You never know!

As always, thanks for reading xo

Tomboy Nails//Sara

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Different Dimensions (Part One)

Good Morning all, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today! I will be visiting close friends of family for dinner today. I am thankful for many things always, but reminded especially around the holidays... For all of my family, my boyfriend, my friends both near and far, my new home and my job, and absolutely- you. My fans, my readers. I have a lot of fun doing this, and while I am still learning so many things, I am grateful to have you alongside me for this journey.

Before I go off to fill myself with so many delicious things, I would like to share with you a post that is a wee bit overdue.  Missi Barry, the creator of Different Dimensions, was kind enough to send me a total of 9 mini polishes and 2 cuticle balms for me to review. I was thrilled to be given the okay to review, and was even more surprised when I saw what she sent me. It unfortunately came just as I was beginning to pack up my things in one home, and finalize closing and moving into my new house. In that process, I had to shorten all of my nails again to short nubs as we've seen the past few posts, so while I will be offering reviews over the next few days of these polishes, I have promised myself, and my love for Missi's creations, a better review when my nails have grown back. I hope you can still see the beauty I see though, even if it's on short Tomboy nails ;)

"Work Hard, Play Harder"
 Work Hard, Play Harder- This is a beautiful green polish with flecks of gold and blue throughout. Depending on how the light hits it, you see more of a golden shimmer or more of a flash of blue flecks! I fell in love with this instantly!

 Here you can see more of the mix of gold and blue at the same time-- truly beautiful, and somewhat difficult to capture on camera! It's simple, yet enough to catch the eye.

I used two coats of Work Hard, Play Harder and had full coverage. It honestly applied very easily and was super easy to work with. I added as an accent another of her mini's- Fall Me Maybe. My boyfriend was the one to pick these two together, and sure enough, a fun fall mani! I used one coat for accent nails.

Unfortunately I could only seem to capture semi-blurred photos when I was trying to get Fall Me Maybe on camera. Once my replacement lenses finally arrive I cannot wait to see the difference it makes! 

A Beautiful glitter polish packed with brown, copper, and red.

Next, Warm Fuzzies. The very first brown polish I have fallen in love with. And.... it's HOLO! I also put accents of Fall Me Maybe on this, and what a beautiful combination! The best fall combo yet, and also how pretty for today's festivities!

The above photos are indirect sunlight. A soft chocolately brown almost!

The photos below are in direct sunlight where the golden chocolate shows off all of its sparkly holographic splendor! The second is blurred deliberately to show the rainbow ;)

Like I said before, the first brown polish I am in love with. I have asked for a full size of this for Christmas, because I know I will quickly go through the mini I was sent ;) This was almost a one coat coverage for me, which is impressive! I did two to be safe, and then one coat of Fall Me Maybe as accents in the middle nails.

I give Different Dimensions polishes a 10 out of 10 in my book. They apply easily, you don't have to wait *forever* for coats to dry, you don't have to fish for glitters! She is always coming out with new creations, and she is available to make you a custom polish of your choice as well!

Stay tuned for the next set of polishes! Until then, check out her shop,and get ready for some AWESOME holiday sales over the next few days! 

Sara//Tomboy Nails

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lynnderella's "The Stars In Her Eyes".... ON THE FLY!!

Good Morning! 

Today's quick "Mani on the Fly" is featuring one of my first Lynnderella polishes!
 "The Stars In Her Eyes..." is from the Early Halloween Resurrected collection released in Sept/Oct 2012.

I was lucky enough to receive this polish, and another Lynn, as a Random Act Of Kindness from a woman I can't say enough nice things about! I had been struggling with the decision of which Lynnderella polish I should buy for myself as I have only had one, did not like it at the time, and promptly swapped it for something else. This woman contacted me, expressing the desire to send me a *single* polish. I cried I was so excited! (I know, it almost sounds silly, but it's the little things in life... isn't that true?) When the package arrived a few days later, needless to say I was knocked speechless when not one, but TWO gorgeous glittery polishes fell onto my lap!

Lynnderella herself describes TSIHE as, 
"Large and very tiny (and oh so adorable) holographic stars with intense gray and black holographic hexagons in a clear base. Application may require patience and skill due to the tiny stars being slightly thicker than other glitter with a slight tendency toward temperamental behavior."

 To test it out, I put on a single coat of China Glaze "DV8" from the OMG Holographic collection. Once dried, I topped my middle two fingers with two light coats of "The Stars In Her Eyes..." and topped with a coat of Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

LOOK HOW SPARKLY IT IS!!!! There's so many little stars in it, I honestly at times had to swipe a few back onto the bottle neck because I didn't want a messy pile everywhere! It's simple enough that you can pair it with honestly any color in the rainbow, but still sparkly enough to catch your eye all day long!

Like most Lynnderella's I've heard about, application was a little tricky because of how much glitter is packed in each bottle. The dab method worked best to put the little stars exactly where I wanted, but I was still able to swipe the polish first before going back and dabbing any strays into place.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick Mani On the Fly!

Sara//Tomboy Nails   

Friday, November 9, 2012

Three Mani's....ON THE FLY!!

Sometimes I have this grand intention of having the time, and remembering, to photograph each mani that I have, so that I can share it with you- my readers! Unfortunately, I often won't have time, or will forget, or will remember only *after* it's begun to chip away from my nails. Or, simply, it's a mani that I did not like, or did not last long enough except to get a quick photo in passing.

That is where these "Mani's on the Fly!" features have been coming from. I snap a quick photo at work, or while playing passenger in the car, or at night before bed when I am analyzing cuticles and putting on some balm! ;)

Today's post features three mani's on the fly... One being my very first A-England polish, one featuring Hare polish, and the other is a combination effort of two Butter London polishes!

Butter London's "All Hail the Queen" meets BL "Disco Biscuit" !
I was playing around with some nail sticks and trying a few layered combinations of polishes to find a pretty berry color to match closely with a new shirt for work, when I discovered this combination. Before this combination, I was certain AHtQ was going to be heading towards my swap pile, as I wasn't loving it by itself on my own nails. Now, I want to keep it simply to make this combination and play with others!
All Hail the Queen is a pretty, sparkly tan/nude color. I was able to get full coverage in just one coat too, which is impressive!

(Excuse my bandaged finger- I had a nasty wound from trying to get into some hard plastic packaging!)
Disco Biscuit is a beautiful hot pink jelly polish with blue/purple/iridescent fine glitters. I applied two coats over AHtQ to get full coverage and no bald spots, then topped with a single coat of Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

What do you think? Pretty good match, right? ;)

 Next, my very first A-England Polish.. meet Tristam!
 Tristam is described as "night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow." I must say, I am inclined to agree! 
With just two coats, I had full coverage, and topped it with one coat of Seche Vite. I could not believe how beautiful it was! Before I got it, I was worried it would appear too dark, like a denim blue. That was not the case, despite how it looks in the bottle even in person!

 Depending on how the light hit, (see this washed out photo above!) you could almost call it a lovely "blurple" color! (Blue meets Purple, haha!)

As you can see, I had picked at my thumb a tad at this point. Had I not started picking at it a bit, I am confident this would have lasted days!

I am so impressed by the quality of A-England polishes... I greatly look forward to the day where I have a few more in my collection to admire!

Hare's "Rad Cloud" !
I bought this polish months ago from Copious when I had some credits that were about to expire. It was my first Hare polish, and for some reason I did not like it enough upon receiving it... so it sat! And sat some more. Until one day, all of a sudden, I loved it!
I had naked nails one night, and I hate going to work without them painted as I fear I will get bored and nibble on them! So, I slapped on a quick one coat, topped with Seche Vite, and headed into work the next morning!

Needless to say, for one coat, I was pretty impressed! Almost full coverage! This is a polish that looks like you can wear it with a color underneath, or build it up by itself with 2+ coats.
This is a unique blend of colors, the green and orange really stood out to me and made it fun..and this was also the first time I found myself enjoying square shaped glitters!

I can't wait to try this one again as well :)

What do you all think of these "Mani's on the Fly?" Is this something you like, or dislike?

Sara//Tomboy Nails

Thursday, November 8, 2012



I am so EXCITED!! I feel lucky to be able to participate in this awesome multi-blogger giveaway! I have grown to know some of these ladies quite well, and we have been working on this for a few weeks now! 

There are some prizes that are just *AMAZING!!* Because this is a holiday giveaway, we wanted to keep most of the prizes a secret but as a hint: there will be lots of indies, HTF's, customs, candy and other glittery goodies that are sure to WOW you!

There will be 15 winners total. That's right, 15!!

A sneak peak at *two* prizes: 

 China Glaze Holiday Charms Mini Set

Different Dimension 2012 Santa Baby Mini Set

With Even More Goodies From:

Now for the boring stuff -  "The Rules"
- US only please (Sorry international ladies)
- Giveaway begins at 12:01am 11/8/2012 and ends at midnight on 12/1/2012.
- There will be 15 winners! Winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter.
- Winners will be contacted at the e-mail address they provided on Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. You can only win ONE prize. Duplicate winners will be redrawn.
- Please don't cheat. All entries will be verified. Fraudulent entries will be disqualified.
**EDIT** For the "Leave a Blog Post Comment" entry-- if you are entering via *my* page, Tomboy Nails, you must leave a comment on *this* post here!!

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Different Dimensions: Right to Vote 2012 !

Today is a big day. Yesterday was our Presidential Election for 2012.. Today we celebrate what all those votes yesterday accomplished!

Missi Barry, the creator behind Different Dimensions nail polish, made a polish exclusively for this years election. In the beginning, it was a surprise what it looked like. She titled it, "Right to Vote 2012."  What did you have to do in order to get this special polish? Email her with proof of YOUR "right to vote".. aka provide proof of being registered to vote, and then send her $4 for shipping! SO EASY!! What did you get in return? A BEAUTIFUL, patriotic, full sized polish.

I do wish that I were not in the middle of moving and dealing with (hopefully, the last of!) some nail damage growing out, and could share this polish on longer nails. Instead I have some short nubs that have been getting lots of TLC... because of that, I promise to come back with longer nails for another look ;)

Without further ado...

This is a milky white base (in some light it almost appears to have a touch of super light gray) with tiny red and baby blue fine glitters, with slightly larger white hexes too. 
Because of the white base, I had trouble photographing and showing the white hexes on my nails.

I used base coat, 2 coats of polish, and topped with Seche Vite quick dry topcoat. Like all of Missi's polishes, this applied like a dream. Two coats were necessary for full coverage, as is the case with most white based polishes I have come across.

 On all of Different Dimension's full sized bottles, you will find a QR code that if scanned with your smart phone, will link you to her shop! Honestly it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen as an addition to a polish bottle! I love it, how easy and simple! 

Here, you can see in the bottle much easier the mix of glitters and the white hexes. I love that the glitter is not too large or chunky, and is in fact quite sparse when applied. 

 A blurred photo, but you can see the hexes yet again in the bottle, and catch some of the shimmery effect! This may be patriotic colors by being red, white, and blue- but I will find myself wearing this polish all year round!

The final touch to this wonderful polish? A flag sticker on the bottom.

Bless America, and all the freedom we have.

For updates on sales, visit Missi's Facebook Page

To purchase other polishes by Different Dimensions, please visit the Etsy Shop!

Later this week I will have many more polishes to share with you made by the wonderful Missi, I can't wait to show you!

Also, be on the lookout tomorrow!! BIG EXCITING NEWS!!! I have teamed up with a group of other people for a massive GIVEAWAY!!

Sara//Tomboy Nails

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

China Glaze Atlantis, On the fly!!

It's been two weeks since my last post, I apologize! It is easy for me to become distracted lately with so much weighing on my mind..... moving in two weeks, packing everything slowly, buying more things for the house! Plus lots of work, normal day to day chores/errands, and getting sick a few times.

To top it all off, when I was home sick yesterday, I wound up biting my nails down to little nubs again :( That's what happens when you are distracted! My poor fingers!

So! Until I finish editing some photos, and all that fun stuff for a few posts that are overdue.. I will be sharing with you another Mani on the Fly!

As you know, I received China Glaze "Atlantis" as a Random Act Of Kindness from Brittany at Adventures and Mishaps in the Land of Nail Polish a few weeks ago. This is a polish that seems to grace many people's polish "Wish List", mine included. I was so thrilled to cross it off my list!

Can I just say............ WOW?!
Because these are "pics on the fly" they might not be super clear, but you can certainly see how glittery and gorgeous it is!

This is two coats + base and top coat. It's like having jewels all over your nails! I ogled these every second I could!
Formula was a bit thick, but because it's so packed with glitter, I was not too surprised. If that bothers you, try adding a few drops of thinner to it! 
On day two they started to chip a bit (though possibly helped by my "picking" at edges LOL)
Removal was a bit difficult (again, due to amount of glitter on each nail!) but with some pure Acetone and patience, it did not take long at all!

This will be a great polish to break out around Christmas-time, too! ;)

Thanks for reading and following along, as always!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Birchbox comparisons! September vs October.

Today I bring to you a comparison of my first Birchbox of September 2012, and my second one of October 2012.

To those that do not know what Birchbox is, it is a monthly subscription beauty box. Every month you receive a box with samples and/or full size products ranging from lifestyle to grooming to beauty items. For only $10 a month, I figured, why not give it a try?

You request to join the wait list, and will be emailed when there is an available spot. I believe I signed up in early August, or close to the 10th, which is why I had to wait til September for my first box.

I was pretty impressed, though slightly overwhelmed, with my first box. I got some fun products I had never heard of before, so I was excited!

September 2012
 This was the contents of September's box. (Minus 1 tea pouch)
  • 3 different loose leaf teas by Mighty Leaf
  • Sample of Twirl perfume by Kate Spade
  • Sample of Vasanti Brighten Up! face cleanser
  • Sample of Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Linen shade
  • Mini of Color Club polish (Birchbox exclusive colors) in Tweet Me

An opened view of the sample perfume. I really enjoyed the scent, and immediately stuck it in my purse to keep at work!

To show you size comparison of the sample Jouer and mini Color Club polish! Unfortunately the color was not for me, I did not even swatch it before swapping it away. I wish I had gotten the blue polish but what can you do! :)
I have never heard of Jouer or Vasanti products and so I was nervous (still am!) about trying them out. My face is very delicate so I worry about breaking out with new products. I aim to try them this weekend though, and will update/edit with results!
As for the tea, I am not a tea drinker. Ever. But I promised to try one- so I chose the Chamomile Citrus. Considering I don't like tea, it wasn't too terrible! I added a splash of milk and sugar too.

I was introduced to many new products,  and definitely feel I got my $10 worth, even if I personally did not like a color or one of the products (tea.)

October 2012
October's box was a mix of happiness, and disappointment for me.  I was not thrilled to see *another* perfume sample, or the vitamin capsules for aging skin. (I'm 24! My skin is still young enough that I felt these unnecessary.) I was also not thrilled to see the luna bar - maybe a different flavor would have excited me more, but I am *VERY* particular about peanut butter and how I eat it.
I was however, thrilled over the eye shadow/high lighter and Jouer lip treatment!

 This is a beautiful shimmery golden color. Made by the Balm cosmetics! The flap is magnetic so it will stay closed between uses! It did not come with an applicator, but any brush you use for similar colors, or even a finger pad works! I paired this with my favorite eye shadow that is a dusty golden olive brown color, and used this as an accent- swept underneath my eyes, in the corners, and on the brow bone.

 This scent I was not as fond of, and again- very similar packaging. Since they have no caps, I keep them in the holder they came in.

 The inside of the Luna bar! Even my boyfriend had a nibble. It was a bit dry. Overall I did not like it, and just threw it away after trying it. :(

While I received a *different* product made by Jouer, I had hoped to see another brand. I have used the lip treatment and it was very gentle and my lips felt so new and soft after!
 I also was not happy to get another perfume sample, again, even though it's from another brand. I also did not like this scent, so it impacted my liking of the box.
 I was surprised by the vitamin capsules- they feel really nice on my skin, did not leave a sticky residue on hands or face, and left it quite soft.
You just read how I felt about the Luna bar...
Overall, the eyeshadow was the only winning component for me! Stuck immediately in my everyday makeup bag! 

I did get my money's worth again, but was disappointed in my contents this month. Can't win them all, right?

In conclusion, I will be giving BB another month or two to impress me again, or I will cancel and stick with my Glam Bag/ Ipsy bag!

Do you get Birchbox? How do you like or dislike it?
Thanks for reading!

xo, Tomboy Nails // Sara