Thursday, November 22, 2012

Different Dimensions (Part One)

Good Morning all, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating today! I will be visiting close friends of family for dinner today. I am thankful for many things always, but reminded especially around the holidays... For all of my family, my boyfriend, my friends both near and far, my new home and my job, and absolutely- you. My fans, my readers. I have a lot of fun doing this, and while I am still learning so many things, I am grateful to have you alongside me for this journey.

Before I go off to fill myself with so many delicious things, I would like to share with you a post that is a wee bit overdue.  Missi Barry, the creator of Different Dimensions, was kind enough to send me a total of 9 mini polishes and 2 cuticle balms for me to review. I was thrilled to be given the okay to review, and was even more surprised when I saw what she sent me. It unfortunately came just as I was beginning to pack up my things in one home, and finalize closing and moving into my new house. In that process, I had to shorten all of my nails again to short nubs as we've seen the past few posts, so while I will be offering reviews over the next few days of these polishes, I have promised myself, and my love for Missi's creations, a better review when my nails have grown back. I hope you can still see the beauty I see though, even if it's on short Tomboy nails ;)

"Work Hard, Play Harder"
 Work Hard, Play Harder- This is a beautiful green polish with flecks of gold and blue throughout. Depending on how the light hits it, you see more of a golden shimmer or more of a flash of blue flecks! I fell in love with this instantly!

 Here you can see more of the mix of gold and blue at the same time-- truly beautiful, and somewhat difficult to capture on camera! It's simple, yet enough to catch the eye.

I used two coats of Work Hard, Play Harder and had full coverage. It honestly applied very easily and was super easy to work with. I added as an accent another of her mini's- Fall Me Maybe. My boyfriend was the one to pick these two together, and sure enough, a fun fall mani! I used one coat for accent nails.

Unfortunately I could only seem to capture semi-blurred photos when I was trying to get Fall Me Maybe on camera. Once my replacement lenses finally arrive I cannot wait to see the difference it makes! 

A Beautiful glitter polish packed with brown, copper, and red.

Next, Warm Fuzzies. The very first brown polish I have fallen in love with. And.... it's HOLO! I also put accents of Fall Me Maybe on this, and what a beautiful combination! The best fall combo yet, and also how pretty for today's festivities!

The above photos are indirect sunlight. A soft chocolately brown almost!

The photos below are in direct sunlight where the golden chocolate shows off all of its sparkly holographic splendor! The second is blurred deliberately to show the rainbow ;)

Like I said before, the first brown polish I am in love with. I have asked for a full size of this for Christmas, because I know I will quickly go through the mini I was sent ;) This was almost a one coat coverage for me, which is impressive! I did two to be safe, and then one coat of Fall Me Maybe as accents in the middle nails.

I give Different Dimensions polishes a 10 out of 10 in my book. They apply easily, you don't have to wait *forever* for coats to dry, you don't have to fish for glitters! She is always coming out with new creations, and she is available to make you a custom polish of your choice as well!

Stay tuned for the next set of polishes! Until then, check out her shop,and get ready for some AWESOME holiday sales over the next few days! 

Sara//Tomboy Nails

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