Monday, November 19, 2012

Lynnderella's "The Stars In Her Eyes".... ON THE FLY!!

Good Morning! 

Today's quick "Mani on the Fly" is featuring one of my first Lynnderella polishes!
 "The Stars In Her Eyes..." is from the Early Halloween Resurrected collection released in Sept/Oct 2012.

I was lucky enough to receive this polish, and another Lynn, as a Random Act Of Kindness from a woman I can't say enough nice things about! I had been struggling with the decision of which Lynnderella polish I should buy for myself as I have only had one, did not like it at the time, and promptly swapped it for something else. This woman contacted me, expressing the desire to send me a *single* polish. I cried I was so excited! (I know, it almost sounds silly, but it's the little things in life... isn't that true?) When the package arrived a few days later, needless to say I was knocked speechless when not one, but TWO gorgeous glittery polishes fell onto my lap!

Lynnderella herself describes TSIHE as, 
"Large and very tiny (and oh so adorable) holographic stars with intense gray and black holographic hexagons in a clear base. Application may require patience and skill due to the tiny stars being slightly thicker than other glitter with a slight tendency toward temperamental behavior."

 To test it out, I put on a single coat of China Glaze "DV8" from the OMG Holographic collection. Once dried, I topped my middle two fingers with two light coats of "The Stars In Her Eyes..." and topped with a coat of Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

LOOK HOW SPARKLY IT IS!!!! There's so many little stars in it, I honestly at times had to swipe a few back onto the bottle neck because I didn't want a messy pile everywhere! It's simple enough that you can pair it with honestly any color in the rainbow, but still sparkly enough to catch your eye all day long!

Like most Lynnderella's I've heard about, application was a little tricky because of how much glitter is packed in each bottle. The dab method worked best to put the little stars exactly where I wanted, but I was still able to swipe the polish first before going back and dabbing any strays into place.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick Mani On the Fly!

Sara//Tomboy Nails   

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