Friday, December 21, 2012

Different Dimension (Part Three: Finale)

As promised for after lunch, here are the final two polishes in my review of Different Dimension polishes. I saved these for last because I had the most trouble capturing all the beauty these two posess, so I took more than the normal amount of photos of each one.


"Inner Goddess" is another polish inspired by the popular series "50 Shades of Gray."  
It is absolutely packed with iridescent color shifting glitters! 
I did a "skittles" mani, layering it by itself and over 4 different colors so you can see how versatile it is!

Below is one coat over each color.

Below, two coats alone on my thumb.

 Above, slightly blurred to show off the color shift!
Below, under a yellow lamp light. Surprisingly quite accurate coloring, for layering it over black (Index finger)

Of all the polishes, this was the trickiest to work with, but it was not difficult by any means. It was a bit thicker than the others is all. 


Finally, the last one.
"On Wednesday's We Wear Pink", another polish inspired by the movie "Mean Girls."
This has pink holo glitters, different shades of pink hexes, and iridescent/color shifting glitter in a pink jelly base!

For the photos below, two coats were used. You can also layer this over a pink base if you prefer!
Under bright lamp light:

 Indirect daylight/office lights:

Here you can really see some of the color shifting glitters!
 And another indirect light shot :)

This was another one that was slightly on the thicker side, I wonder if it is the color shifting glitters in these two that help make it that way? Either way, I am pleased as punch! This is another one I would like to own a big size of :)

Happy Painting, Happy Holidays, and thanks for reading!

Sara//Tomboy Nails

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