Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Different Dimensions: Right to Vote 2012 !

Today is a big day. Yesterday was our Presidential Election for 2012.. Today we celebrate what all those votes yesterday accomplished!

Missi Barry, the creator behind Different Dimensions nail polish, made a polish exclusively for this years election. In the beginning, it was a surprise what it looked like. She titled it, "Right to Vote 2012."  What did you have to do in order to get this special polish? Email her with proof of YOUR "right to vote".. aka provide proof of being registered to vote, and then send her $4 for shipping! SO EASY!! What did you get in return? A BEAUTIFUL, patriotic, full sized polish.

I do wish that I were not in the middle of moving and dealing with (hopefully, the last of!) some nail damage growing out, and could share this polish on longer nails. Instead I have some short nubs that have been getting lots of TLC... because of that, I promise to come back with longer nails for another look ;)

Without further ado...

This is a milky white base (in some light it almost appears to have a touch of super light gray) with tiny red and baby blue fine glitters, with slightly larger white hexes too. 
Because of the white base, I had trouble photographing and showing the white hexes on my nails.

I used base coat, 2 coats of polish, and topped with Seche Vite quick dry topcoat. Like all of Missi's polishes, this applied like a dream. Two coats were necessary for full coverage, as is the case with most white based polishes I have come across.

 On all of Different Dimension's full sized bottles, you will find a QR code that if scanned with your smart phone, will link you to her shop! Honestly it is one of the coolest things I have ever seen as an addition to a polish bottle! I love it, how easy and simple! 

Here, you can see in the bottle much easier the mix of glitters and the white hexes. I love that the glitter is not too large or chunky, and is in fact quite sparse when applied. 

 A blurred photo, but you can see the hexes yet again in the bottle, and catch some of the shimmery effect! This may be patriotic colors by being red, white, and blue- but I will find myself wearing this polish all year round!

The final touch to this wonderful polish? A flag sticker on the bottom.

Bless America, and all the freedom we have.

For updates on sales, visit Missi's Facebook Page

To purchase other polishes by Different Dimensions, please visit the Etsy Shop!

Later this week I will have many more polishes to share with you made by the wonderful Missi, I can't wait to show you!

Also, be on the lookout tomorrow!! BIG EXCITING NEWS!!! I have teamed up with a group of other people for a massive GIVEAWAY!!

Sara//Tomboy Nails


  1. Love this! I had totally meant to do an election day mani...then I forgot, and remembered again after my awesome Batman mani was getting topcoat put on it :-/

    1. Thanks Tara!! I had been saving this one for the day and was glad I remembered hehe! Batman you say, eh?! Have you posted about it yet ;)