Monday, September 17, 2012

Time Flies...

Boy, how time really does seem to fly by when you are having fun!!

Things have been very busy and hectic in the Tomboy Nails household the past few weeks. There have been weddings, work, concerts, and trips to the zoo, to only name a few! (hehe, I'm a poet and I totally know it.)

I am so thrilled though that through all the hustle and bustle, you all have been sticking with me. We are SO close to our next giveaway! I am hoping for either 20 blog followers, or 200 Facebook likes to happen before it begins! Current stats: 12 blog followers, 174 Facebook likes!

I have been so busy lately, that I haven't even made time to take proper pictures of my mani changes.

So today's post, I shall treat you with photos of my latest nail mails from swaps or purchasing them myself. These are all from the past month or so.

 Above: received from a swap! As far as I know, you cannot get any of these polishes (P&P or Dollish) directly from makers, as they are no longer being made. Please do not hold me to that though haha! The Chelsea polish was a surprise bonus :) 

Above: (Top Left) Dollish Polish "Greased Lightning"  from her last restock at Big Cartel. (Top Right) A RAOK from a wonderful person- she sent me 7 stamping plates, the stamper, and a small bottle of stamping polish in White! I have never tried stamping before and am excited to learn!! (Bottom) Purchased directly from Perception Nail Lacquers. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Amy's products and service.

 Above: (Top) Cuticle Oil sampler from 365 Days of Color. I had ordered balms and received these by mistake. She was kind enough to let me keep them, and sent out replacements the very next day! I keep Hawaiian Rain at my desk at work hehe. (Bottom Left) From a swap, Butter London "The Black Knight"- I have been searching for a sparkly black, and this is PERFECT!! (Bottom Right) From Copious, bought with credits. Thanks to the wonderful Wishes of A Blue-Eyed Girl I was able to get an "Absolutely Alice" by OPI. <3

 Above: From a swap! My very first polish from 365 Days of Color, and it's her LE Waterlily! Only 50 were made! What a beautiful color. And I was sending RAOK minis to my swap partner, and she surprised me with these 2 minis- both of which I have never tried before! (Polish brand and/or exact polish)

 Above: All purchased by myself. (Top) The 2nd half of my Dollish Polish order from her last restock on Big Cartel. Master Chief (holo!) and Expecto Patronum. These are both insanely beautiful!! (Bottom) HARE- The Monster. Yes. You read that correctly. Over the moon happy I was able to get this! And I finally pulled the trigger at and bought the Zelda Duo, which was my very first lemming, ever.

 Above: Purchased from a blog sale.

Above: Another purchase from a blog sale.

These are links to each brand's store: 

Butter London (though you can also find them in many other stores such as Nordstroms, Ulta, etc)

OPI (can also find them at Sally's, Ulta, local drug stores, etc.)

Overall Beauty (carries multiple polish lines! and other products too!)

Thanks, and happy shopping!!