Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Pinkie Pie

Happy Tuesday!

I am excited to be sharing with you one of the new (re-released from last year) Limited Edition Valentine's Day polishes from Chelsea at Pretty & Polished! 
I was sent a sample mini for review. Mine arrived a little later than we anticipated as some of my mail still tries to go to my old address, and I had to wait for this pretty pink glitter polish to get forwarded to me!

Packed full of different shades of small pink hexes, small pink bar glitters, and fine holo-looking glitters.
I took a few photos in different types of light to try and show how it looks throughout your day. I hope you enjoy!

 I layered two coats of Pinkie Pie over L'Oreal's Butterfly Kisses, and Essie's Blanc as an accent nail. Photo above is in early morning direct sunlight. So sparkly!

 Mirror photo is of course inside, under house lighting.

 This photo was taken in the afternoon in direct sunlight.
And finally, again, under house lighting.

You can find this polish, and many other Valentine's Day treats, from her Shop or on Etsy!

Happy Shopping, and thanks for reading!

Sara//Tomboy Nails

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Hameau of "Save the Dauphine" collection

Good afternoon!
I am super excited to show you a sneak peak at one of the upcoming polishes in the "Save the Dauphine" collection from Pretty & Polished!

I chose Hameau because of the beautiful colors and I also wanted to try an almost nude, creamy white-ish base instead of my normal white based polishes I go after ;)

"Save the Dauphine" collection is inspired by Marie Antoinette. Hamea of this collection was inspired by Hameau de la Reine, a rustic retreat in the park of Chateau de Versailles. Containing many meadows, lakes, streams, shrubs and flowers, it is the best known series of rustic garden constructions built at the time (1783.)

Hameau by Pretty & Polished is a beautiful off white base, with a tiny hint of shimmer to it. Filled with small green and purple glitters, it is simple yet eye-catching. 

 All photos were again taken in direct sunlight, with no editing outside of adding my name to them.

 I truly love the combination of colors, and it certainly does make me think of something earthy and flowery with the greens and purples. I absolutely love it!

Application, like most of the polishes I've gotten from Pretty & Polished, was super easy. I didn't have to fish for glitters, or do any dabbing to ensure even coverage. Because they are small enough glitters, they spread out easily and with only one coat of topcoat, they felt smooth to the touch.

You can find this polish, along with the rest of the collection, as of January 16th at Pretty & Polished's shop.

Happy shopping, and thanks for reading!

Sara // Tomboy Nails

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pretty & Polished: True Blue Duo!

Good Afternoon lovely readers! 
I am a few days late, but as promised, here is a look at some new beautiful polishes from Pretty & Polished!

I ordered the True Blue Duo, which is available now in her shop, and a mini of Hameau, one of the polishes in the upcoming "Save the Dauphine Collection" to be released on January 16th, 2013. I will share with you photos of Hameau in my next post, due by tomorrow the latest ;) Pinky Swear!

Pleasantly tucked in with my order was one of her very own nail files! If you haven't looked at the shop recently, you really should! There is so much more than polish that is slowly coming into the shop, like cuticle balms, hair accessories, jewelry, and soon makeup! I can't wait to try more items!

The True Blue Duo is beautiful alone as separate polishes, or paired together. Completing the duo is a deep blue scattered holographic jelly, and a gorgeous blue glitter topper. 

First, the blue holo jelly. Called "Sea Spray."

When I first laid eyes on it, to be honest, I thought of the new Picture Polish "Cosmos"- with such a beautiful navy blue base color and such gorgeous sparkle, how could I not? But honestly, after putting this on my nails, I haven't even given that other polish a second thought and removed it from my wishlist. 

Sea Spray applied SUPER easy- this is roughly 2 coats, topped with Hong Kong Girl fast dry topcoat.
The next set of photos are all taken in early morning direct sunlight- no editing outside of adding my name to them was done.
Depending on the light hitting it, it looks deep navy, or a bright almost neon navy blue <3
And just LOOK at that rainbow holo sparkle throughout!!
 I hit my ring finger as an accent nail with one coat of the glitter topper to shake things up a bit ;)

Next, the glitter topper! Called "Bubbles."
This glitter is packed full of different shades and shapes of blue and iridescent glitters. 
Honestly, because of the gorgeous combination, and all the sparkly goodness from both glitter and holo base, I had trouble capturing the true beauty of this combo in true daylight. 
The next set of photos are also all taken in early morning direct sunlight- no editing outside of adding my name to them was done.

 They might be a bit blurred, but you can really see how they sparkle and shine together and it really catches the eye! I wore my nails like this for 5 days because I loved it so very much!!

These last photos I took under lamplight, showing you the indoors light and how the nails still are gorgeous!

The Blue Jelly holo certainly looks less vibrant in its holo-goodness, but it becomes this magnificent navy blue with a shimmer that makes me think of ballroom dresses and fancy evenings. Can't explain it any other way ;)

I hope you have enjoyed ogling these pretties as much as I enjoyed wearing them! 

Please check out the shop to purchase your own today! While you're there, if you spot any holiday ones you like, you can still get an extra 30% off them by using the code: "Xmas30"
Happy Shopping!


Tomboy Nails // Sara

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pretty & Polished - 10% off coupon code!

Good Afternoon (Or late morning..) my lovelies! I wanted to pop in real quick today to share with you an exciting limited time offer from Pretty & Polished! 

Right now, Chelsea is offering 10% off your order from now until January 4th at 12pm EST.

Use code: Blogger10 
For 10% off your entire order at www.shopprettyandpolished.com


Later tonight I will have my post up featuring some new polishes from Pretty & Polished, so stay tuned! If you like glitter, holo, and all around sparkly goodness, you won't want to miss these pretties!

Sara // Tomboy Nails