Friday, December 21, 2012

Different Dimension (Part Two)

After moving, broken nails, a massive photo loss, and holiday shopping.... I have finally been able to bring to you the remaining Different Dimension polishes I was sent to review! I have broken it up into two remaining posts, one coming before lunch and the other after lunch! I will let these beauties talk for themselves... because like always, Missi Barry, mastermind of these polishes, does not disappoint with her beautiful creations.


The first one today is "That's So Fetch", which was inspired by the movie "Mean Girls"
This was the only one of all she sent me that did not have a label on it, but Missi did confirm that it is That's So Fetch :)

As you can see, lovely shades of purple, blue, and iridescent glitters that change colors as the light hits! I layered two light coats over Essie's "Lilacism" and L'Oreal's "Butterfly Kisses" for the above photos.


Next, inspired by the popular book, Missi brings us "50 Shades"
I was pleased that it was darker shades of gray instead of silvers. I think this is a great glitter to go over almost any base color!

 I layered two light coats over China Glaze "Elephant Walk" and Sinful Colors "Mint Apple" for the above photos.


Then, comes a favorite of mine. "Space Camp" - packed full of silver holo glitter in all sizes. This is quite an eye-catcher!

Just look at how it sparkles! I layered two coats over L'Oreal's "The Muse's Attitude." I wanted a dark base so you could really see every little silver holo glitter POP! :)

To find these, and many more of her beautiful polishes, check out her Etsy shop!
Different Dimension Etsy

Until lunch!
Tomboy Nails//Sara


  1. They all looks super gorgeous :) I can't wait until after lunch to see what else you have got haha

  2. I love how you did the little mirror shot on the first picture! And dont you just love Space Camp!?

    1. thank you!! I was experimenting with different angles and pictures, and I really like it, I am going to try it out with other polishes moving forward :)

      Space Camp is for sure one of my favorites from her. OMG.