Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blue Holo Comparison: Chirality CU2+ VS. Elevation Muztagh Ata

I am super excited today to share with you my first ever comparison post! 
I received both of the polishes quite recently, having swapped for the Elevation, and bought the Chirality with a recent sale they had! They arrived within a few days of each other. If you've noticed anything so far about me and nail polish, you notice that I love two things most of all:


Upon their arrival, one night I'm sitting on the couch just holding them in my hands, admiring the beautiful color and trying to decide which, oh which pretty should I wear this evening? As I keep ogling the sparkles catching in the lamp, I realize, HEY- THESE LOOK PRETTY DARN CLOSE IN THE BOTTLE! I wonder how they look next to each other on the nail...?

Thus, my first comparison was born.

My first photo is to show them both in their bottles, outside in direct sunlight, in all their glory. Here you can truly see the difference in color. I'm sure you'll think, "Wait, you thought these were close enough to possibly be dupes? You're crazy girl!!"
 But wait until you see later pics!

As you can see, both appear to be super holo- you can see the rainbow reflecting like crazy! But in direct sunlight, CU2+ is definitely a much darker blue, close to A England's "St. George" to my untrained eye,  where Muztagh Ata almost looks like a sea blue.

The next two photos I have to show you are taken indoors, at night, under artificial light. This is when they appear to be closer in the blue color spectrum, at least to my own eyes.

On my fingers: Index and Middle fingers is Elevation "Muztagh Ata", and on my Ring and Pinky fingers is Chirality "CU2+"

And these final photos were taken outside, in direct sunlight. Again, Index and Middle: Muztagh Ata. Ring and Pinky: CU2+.

There are no dupes here! Chirality CU2+ is much more visibly holo both in shade, light, and indirect light. If you prefer a more subtle holo, such as for work, or to just be a bit more low key, then Muztagh Ata is the blue for you! But if you want to show off that sparkle, and love a deeper shade of blue, snatch up CU2+ now!

Both of these polishes are available through their makers still. Elevation polish only stocks 2x a month, but Chirality is always full with stock! You can sign up for email updates from Elevation, and check out Chirality's Facebook page HERE for updates on new polishes, sales, etc.

You can find their shops here:

Thanks for reading!
xo, Sara//Tomboy Nails

**These polishes were purchased or swapped for by myself for my own pleasure. All opinions expressed are my own, and in no way influenced by another party, nor necessarily a shared opinion of anyone reading.**