Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dollish Polish: Legend of Zelda Duo!


It's been too long since my last post. I sincerely apologize for such a lapse! This morning instead of bringing you the rest of my Different Dimensions swatches, I am sharing with you the Legend of Zelda duo made by Dollish Polish. Originally this WAS going to be the other DD post, until I got to work, ready to knock it out, and realized.... those photos are saved on my home computer! I never dropboxed them to my work computer! EGAD! I will have that up for you tonight, or tomorrow. PINKY PROMISE!

So, if any of you know me, you understand my love and devotion to all things Nintendo. Specifically, Mario and Zelda. I had longed for this duo for many months.. always missing the restocks, and never finding it available for swap as a duo! One day, OverallBeauty   announced them in stock, just as I was leaving work for the day. I stayed 5 minutes late and mission accomplished! They were finally mine :)

Without further ado, I bring to you the Zelda duo layered over Zoya's Tracie.

First Photo: Hero of Time over Zoya's Tracie, in afternoon sunlight.
I did different layers of Hero of Time, to show how buildable it is. Index and Pinky are One Coat, Middle finger is Two Coats, and Ring finger is Three Coats.

Second Photo: Direct Sunlight, slightly over exposed, slightly blurred to show off the sparkle!

Another shot in afternoon sunlight.

 Better exposed, more true to color without the golden glow of afternoon sun.
I just love how pretty it looks over the light springy green! This is a beautiful green, brown, and gold polish. It was super easy to apply. In fact, my only problem was on the ring finger, I did not quite wait long enough before applying Seche Vite, the quick dry top coat, so I had *slight* shrinkage by the tip of my nail. Lesson learned! 

Next, Hylian Princess over Zoya's Tracie!
This is a beautiful glitter polish as well. Different sizes of white, purple, and gold glitters. I followed the same application as Hero of Time: Index and Pinky are One Coat, Middle is Two Coats, and Ring is Three Coats.

Photo taken in indirect sunlight.

A slightly blurred shot to show off some sparkle in the bottle.
This was another super easy polish to apply. There's no fishing for any bigger glitters, and removal of each was no more difficult than the average glitter!

With each of these polishes, I prefer the one coat or two coat look versus the almost full coverage of 3 coats. To each their own though! You can still find these polishes available from Overall Beauty at times, as well as Llarowe or even try Dollish Polish directly! You never know!

As always, thanks for reading xo

Tomboy Nails//Sara

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