Friday, October 5, 2012

Mani's on the Fly!

This post is dedicated to some of the mani's that I've played with over the past few weeks, but did not have time to get more than one photo of before chipping, or changing, or X-Y-Z reasons.

First, a quick peek at an afternoon spent swatching some White based polishes, Grays, and Blacks. I am considering trying out nail sticks instead of nail wheels. Which do you prefer, and why? Any good recommendations?

 Next we have a quick peek at Pretty & Polished's "Private School"- a gray base (almost jelly-like) with fine red shimmer, black and white/light gray glitters. I also used Dollish Polish "Greased Lightning" as the middle accents- a wonderful white base filled with gray/silver and red glitters in multiple sizes. I used 2 coats of each.

 This is a beautiful Brazilian treat from a swap I did a while back- this was one of the surprise extras she gave me! Dote "Luxo" -- a beautiful, light baby blue holo polish. I used I believe 3 coats to avoid Visible Nail Line (VNL.) I accented with 2 coats of Pretty and Polished's "Wherever You Go, I Virgo" which is one of her special zodiac polishes. Virgo is a lovely white milky base packed with baby blue and silver glitters in different sizes. (Can you tell I love white based glitter polishes yet?? FAVORITE!!)

 This mani was a fun one, filled with Brazilian holo polishes!! In one of the nail polish groups I am part of, we are doing weekly, simple, nail art challenges! Our first one was dots! I had just gotten in my first dotting tools a few weeks prior, but had yet to break them in. I chose Jade "Deja Vu" and HITS "Hera" ! I used 2 coats of each, let them dry a bit, and used 2 different sized dots to try and give a dotted "french tip" look. Not too bad for a first timer, eh?

 This was a "I need something to slap on my nails, I can't have them nekkid for 1 day!" quick mani. I had planned on doing something with them the next day, but life got away from me and this mani lasted me a weekend! It is ONE coat of Pretty & Polished's "Jawbreaker" (the new version!) I liked how with the white base, it still almost gave me a french tip sort of look. 
What are your thoughts on french tips? Love em? Leave em? Meh? I am warming up to them more and more myself.

 This was another unexpected favorite mani! I used ORLY "Preamp" with Dollish Polish "Master Chief" as the middle accent nails! I used 2 coats of each. I was not sure I would like MC on my skin, but within one coat I was in love! It has a beautiful golden, pinkish shimmer/holo effect that I can't get enough of! Unfortunately, this is a discontinued color, so perhaps if someone is swapping or selling you can find one! Preamp was a pink that had a beautiful shimmer as well, making it instantly one of my top favorite pinks. I am not a pink girl normally either!

Last, but not least! This polish I actually bought before EVER knowing what it looked like. I bought it for the name alone! This is "Unicorn Farts" by Perception Nail Lacquer. This is one of her originals- she has different bottles now and I believe the new one looks slightly more purple instead of a dusty purple? Don't quote me on it though!
This was 2-3 coats. I had no idea what to pair it with, so I actually did only this polish for all 10 fingers! I got compliments on it left and right for days before I finally changed mani's.

You can find Dollish Polish HERE

Pretty & Polished... Here!

Perception Nail Lacquer is right here...

as for the others... you can find some Jades and Hits from Llarowe

Happy painting!
xo- Tomboy Nails


  1. Heyyy dear one; the blues are pretty on you; not too crazy about the grey ones.Now keep in mind my screen may be wonky and not show a true judgeable color.

    Just sayin!1
    from sunny south ALABAMA, cheekyDM60

    1. Thanks Deborah! I tend to lean towards brighter colors anyways but in the Fall it's fun to try out new darker colors :) These aren't the best of pictures either, just quick snapshots from my cell phone, on the fly! ;)

  2. I love them all! And I want Master Chief, cuz it's Master Chief!!! And it's pretty!

    1. I can't wait to use it again and get better pictures to share- it's really so beautiful!