Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cult Nails "Untamed" meets Essie "Stroke of Brilliance"

I realized on Thursday of last week (October 11th) that I had forgotten to make a post for Wednesday's Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness.. that long weekend threw my whole week off! And then, in my haste to catch up with work, as well as buying a home hanging over my head, I then forgot to post before the weekend began.

I signed up , or offered to be more fair, to take part in this cause as it is very close to my heart and personal life. I do not want my tardiness in posting to reflect upon how strongly I feel that this cause, or any others! (animal abuse, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, many other cancers, Domestic Violence, etc etc.) , are worthy of our attention, and help.

I decided to use Cult Nails "Untamed" and to try out my first jelly sandwich mani. Untamed has these beautiful tiny flecks of purple, blue, shimmery goodness. I chose Essie's "Stroke of Brilliance" from their Lux Effects topcoats, a wonderful blurple glitter to be my sandwich material ;)

I apologize (again) for the quality of light used for these photos. Until we have moved, I have been relying upon daylight I can find, lamps, and things like that to capture photos. Once we have set up in our new house, I will have my light box setup and we can go forward with better photos. Thank you so much for bearing with me and enjoying anyways ;) I do my best to edit to true colors as close I can. Sometimes monitors may be off a smidgen as well which can alter what you see vs. what I see ;)

This is One coat of Untamed. As you can see, it is quite sheer. The formula was wonderful; smooth and quite easy to apply. I let the first coat dry almost completely (it was hardly tacky to a light fingertip tap) before making the Jelly part of my Jelly Sandwich!

Next, I added One coat of Essie's Stroke of Brilliance.
I love the Lux Effects topcoats by Essie! I have 3 of them. Blue, Pink, and the flakie Shine of the Times. All of them are super easy to apply, and a great, simple way to fancy up a nail, or ten ;)

I let that sit for only a minute or two, enough so that the next coat of polish would not drag the glitters around with it. I added another coat of Cult Nails Untamed, then a coat of Seche Vite quick dry topcoat.

With the final coat of Untamed, it turned the Stroke of Brilliance more towards its purple tendencies instead of it's blue. I loved the combination that came of it, and was also quite happy at the success of my first Jelly Sandwich! I can't wait to try out other combinations with this Cult Nails. 

Have you ever tried a Jelly Sandwich?

Sara// Tomboy Nails


  1. This is ADORABLE!! Untamed looks great on your nails on its own as well, just sheer (must have this now). Your nails look really beautiful. This is a very girl combo, I love the lux effects glitters (especially this one), but if I got one then I would have to start collecting them...oh gee.

  2. I LOVE Stroke of Brilliance, it's the first Essie polish I've ever purchased, and I'm excited to use it for winter-ish manis! And don't laugh but, I've been addicted and trapped in this world of nail polish for a year now, and I still can't tell the difference between a jelly polish and a creme polish in real life. Maybe because I don't own any? lol Idk but I've yet to do a jelly sandwich or a jelly polish at all.

    1. Kathy for the longest time I also did not know what a jelly polish is! I find it best described now as: a semi sheer polish. No matter if its a dark or light color, one coat is still very see through on a nail. Some polishes will call them self a jelly which makes it easier to spot! Zoya has quite a few :)