Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cloudy Day Holos!

Hello lovely readers!

For today's post, I have two beautiful holographic polishes I received in a swap with a lovely girl from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

I painted my nails Saturday night, enjoyed them thoroughly in the sunlight on Sunday... and have been stuck with cloudy, stormy skies since!! I forgot to snap pictures on Sunday, besides one blurred one at my boyfriend's soccer game.. so the pictures I will be sharing were taken at work under semi clouded light from the window/fluorescent lights overhead.

Without further ado..

Hits- Atena from the No Olimpo collection & Impala- Na Mira 3D.
(and some lunch goodies in the background hehe)

I was so excited to try these two out together, and they did NOT disappoint! Let me show the pictures before I bore you with more words!

This photo is one of the indoors ones. Even inside- look at that sparkle!

A little more cloudy, but you can see the Impala glittery details so much better! This Impala is absolutely incredible. It shifts between a rainbow of colors- yellows, greens, blues, oranges, EVERYTHING!!, but a fuchsia pink is one that seems to stand out above the rest to me. 
Because of the pink standing out, even just in looking at the bottle-is why I decided to pair it with Hits Atena.

This was the blurred picture I snapped at my boyfriend's soccer game. It was early in the morning, maybe 9am, and the sun was beating on me the entire morning. Half of the game was spent just ogling my own nails and watching them sparkle in the sunlight. The other half I was cheering for the Pig Slayers to defeat Shake N' Bake... (they didn't though :( Next time!) 

Overall, with both of these polishes, application was a breeze. Hits has wider brushes than any polish I've used before- which made application quick and easy. I could have gotten away with just one coat, really, but went with two just because. Impala on the other hand..

This is a (semi-shaded) photo of 1 coat Impala Na Mira 3D. Still very sparkly! But also so very sheer. I guess when I looked at the bottle, and saw how dark yet colorful the polish was, I expected it to go on more opaque. I had to use 3 coats to get the coverage I wanted. Not a terrible thing, but next time I may use a black or dark polish underneath.

Impala's brush was a bit smaller, almost similar to the size of an Essie polish brush. Impala dried very quickly, and as for how it felt without a topcoat-- like a very fine sandpaper. Not very gritty at all-- it almost reminded me of a gentle side of a nail file. 
One coat of Seche Vite on top of all nails, and they were smooth and still just as shiny and sparkly as before!

So, what do you think of my combination of Holos?  I must admit these have quickly jumped to the top of my most loved type of polishes. What do you think of Holo polishes? Do you have to have them, or are they just another polish to you?


  1. Gorgeous! Hopefully I'll be getting some of my own soon :) Do you use an aqua base? How do you get them so smooth with multiple coats?

    1. I actually did not know about aqua base for holos until about a week ago! haha! I use 1 coat of ORLY Nail Defense, then 1 coat Seche Clear base coat, and then polish.

      The Hits have a wide brush, so with only 2 strokes really you get coverage of the nail. They both applied very smoothly on their own as well, I was impressed. IMpala left a gritty feeling , especially after 4 coats but with top coat it was smooth! :)