Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting Dirty with Tomboy Nails

I am very excited today to be starting off the changes coming to Tomboy Nails with a post about growth and new beginnings!
What am I talking about?
Well, in case you hadn't heard by now, things will be changing around here at Tomboy Nails. I've decided to start sharing other aspects of my life! I will begin blogging about food, animals, household things, outdoor adventures/activities, beauty products, and so much more!

My first new post is to share with you my "dirty deed" from a few weeks ago! (This post has been in my drafts because Blogger was giving me problems with pics for some time!)

I currently own about a dozen house plants. How they keep surviving, I'm not sure, as I'm not the best at remembering to water them as often as they need. But I'm guessing it doesn't hurt that every year we like to re-pot them, giving them new soil, and if necessary, a  new pot to call home! We also add an extra boost to the soil when we re-pot them, by adding some rooting powder to encourage new growth!

This year, we wound up using two types of potting mix simply due to having a bag left from when we adopted two new plants a few months ago. If you're like me, and sometimes forget to water your plants when they need it, the Moisture Control soil is wonderful! It helps hold in moisture, and protects from over-watering. (Never been my problem , hehe!)

You can find all of these products at your local Home Depot store, or online at http://www.homedepot.com/

I am sure you can also find these products, or similar ones, at your local gardening or hardware store, sometimes even your local grocery store!

3 new babies on the right!

 Check out how big that snake plant is!!

My aloe is the biggest, we often trim its tips because they bow under the weight of being so big!

Of course I had some help from Mr. Tomboy Nails, and my pretty girl Theia!

What do you do to get your house ready for spring?

Sara//Tomboy Nails

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