Friday, May 17, 2013

Current Jams!

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A Boston, MA based band, founded in Sept of 2007. Fredua Boakye (Vocals) does things with his voice that makes me weak in the knees. Bad Rabbits fuse futuristic R&B and post-rock for a slick one-two punch. You have to smile and be happy when you hear them!

This five-piece band originally played in the Boston-based band The Eclectic Collective, which in 2007 they reworked and renamed Bad Rabbits.

The band took most of 2008 to write, record, and experiment with new material. They self-released a four-song demo that Fall titled “The Bad EP.”

In Spring 2009, the band entered the studio with producer Jayson Michael Dezuzio to record their debut EP “Stick Up Kids.” The album was completed in Fall 2009 and released independently that December.

Now, May 14, 2013 they released their latest album, "American Love"

View their YOUTUBE channel!

My favorite current jam from American Love!

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Happy listening!
Sara//Tomboy Nails

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